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. genetics
Eumelanin: K locus
(K, kbr, k) Eumelanin is the melanin that controls black and brown pigmentation. The default eumelanin colour in dogs is black, which affects not only a dog’s fur colour, but their skin and eye pigmentation as well. Aside from special genetic exceptions (mutations), this is why you do not find liver, blue or pink noses on a black furred dog, et cetera. This is also the reason that the default eye colour for dogs is brown.
The locus comes in three variations. K, known as dominant black, is– as you might have guessed –the most dominant of the three alleles. A dog only needs one copy to be fully black, meaning they will show absolutely no phaeomelanin patterns. kbr is the genotype for a brindle dog. Brindle striping will appear on any phaeomelanin areas of the dog. It is recessive to dominant black, but dominant to non-black. k is the allele for non-black, and when homozgyous, will display whatever is on its A locus.
KK, Kkbr
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¤ What art program do you use? ¤
Paint Tool SAI only. Sometimes I draw traditionally.

¤ What are your brush specs? ¤
See this link:

¤ Do you do requests? ¤

¤ Do you do art trades? ¤
That's so rare I might as well say no.

¤ Do you do commissions? ¤
No, not really. Commissioned work tend to kill my inspiration, which is really bad for business lol.

¤ Do you do rps? ¤
Nope, sorry.

¤ Can I use your art? ¤
So long as I am properly credited, yes. No credit, no allowed.

¤ Why don't you draw more cats?? ¤
Because a) I have more interests than just cats, and b) I have a very difficult relationship with drawing cats at all times because it isn't very rewarding.

¤ Do you still draw Purebreds? ¤
No, that project has officially ended. But in theory it is continued in WarriorsRewritten, so you will still see genetically corrected kitties.

¤ Can I ask you something about cat genetics? ¤
Sure, I'm always up for genetics! I might take some time in answering, but just send me a note.

¤ Why is cat X that colour I dun get it?? ¤
Have you read the description? No? Didn't think so. Seriously, do us all a favour; READ THE DESCRIPTION. You may ask any questions you have later.

¤ I don't like your genetics stuff it's bullshit thank you lolz ¤
Seriously, don't even bother sending me these. It only showcases your childishness. I owe you nothing. I have zero tolerance for brats; you WILL be blocked.

¤ Cat X can still be "insert genetical possibility here" and be realistic that way. ¤
Yes, I know. I have spent a crazy amount of time on genetics. Chances are, I thought of your theory before you did. Stop trying to teach me genetic things I already KNOW!! Also last I checked, it was me who did the drawing, not you.

¤ I don't agree with your opinion on this "insert character/story/etc argument" ¤
That's nice. We all have our different opinions. But please, don't waste your time trying to change mine.

¤ Do you even like Warriors anymore?? ¤
No, I don't. Let's just say it's nostalgia turned spite by now.


About herbs

Thu Apr 13, 2017, 12:52 PM
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Good people, just indulge me for a moment. I don't often do this sort of thing, but you could say that sometimes even I get a bit shaken up. But I just gotta ask, and you people have to confirm this little thing for me, okay?

Please tell me you don't believe the Erins about their herbal medicine in Warriors. Please.

I know most of my watchers seem to see the Erins for what they are (charlatans when it comes to cats, to say the least) but I only exist in one corner of the fandom. Like, I know my page/art/opinions doesn't really appeal to the hardcore canon-lovers of this fandom. And a good majority are young kids too, too-young yet to be properly critical of their reading material. 

I guess you could say I was just stricken by the irrational fear that some people actually believe in the herbal remedies they use in Warriors. Maybe some of the more impressionable might even use said remedies. 

I beg you don't. 

Let me show you an example, a pretty recent one: 


A recent herb addition to the Warriors universe, used to cure the vaguely termed "yellow-cough" in the newest series, more specifically in Thunder and Shadow. It is chewed and eaten. 

First of all, and almost unrelated, but lungwort is NOT endemic to the American continent (which, considering the recent appearances of raccoons and god knows what else, would be where the story has "migrated to" these last years)

But secondly, and decidedly most important, I made one simple google search of the plant, and I found this; 

"Are Lungworts Toxic?
The leaves, stems and blooms of lungworts contain several toxic chemicals, including saponins and pyrrolizidine alkaloids. Pyrrolizidine alkaloids and saponins are classified by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals as toxic to both cats and dogs. These chemicals can cause a variety of symptoms when ingested including liver damage, vomiting, diarrhea, problems walking, lethargy, neurological issues and a lack of appetite."

One simple google search. Didn't have to type more than "lungwort cat" to find this. Their lack of research is frightening. Maybe if the books weren't aimed towards kids I wouldn't be so shocked - but I am, I can't help it. I know they had that "disclaimer" in one of the field guides some years back, but... honestly shouldn't that disclaimer be present in every book, perhaps on the last page or something?? At least??


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Fine, I'm childish, but don't you blame me! At least I grew up first!

I rant, so beware. Don't say I didn't give you a heads up.

I return exact sentiments, and if that includes insults, then so be it. I like nice people, okay?

Wanna follow me on Tumblr?
For general reblogs and art, go here;
For everything involving my cat arts;
And for those with a pervy streak;


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Just a little plead for my mom's sake, she really wants a print from dA to hang on the wall. ^^

Many thanks in advance.

Increased the sum because that woman sure has trouble deciding, so I might as well try save up some more in case the prices turn out steeper than first anticipated...

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//goes back to sending in front of and hissing protectively
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Just wanted to say thank you for the llama, and also comment that I love your art, your cats are beautiful and cute 2017YupiANanEmote001 
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If you could answer me,
I have a question about cats,
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Thank you :)
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Could you please draw warrior cats hunting maybe with prey in there jaws?
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*glances at the comment below* totally random, but five days ago the person below me posted a comment, but now they are gone...weird.

Anywho, name change for my Persian character who will know be known as Cranenose. It fits because I see her reference and think of certain species of the bird.

I am curious, what is your thoughts on Foxstorm's renaming? I only have known that person for a short time, but I am in love (even more so when they gave a good explaination when I dropped the Vicky-trash I got).
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