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Just a little plead for my mom's sake, she really wants a print from dA to hang on the wall. ^^

Many thanks in advance.

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No seriously, I do. 

A moment ago, I sent my semester paper... it's the biggest piece of school-related literature I've ever written. 

I could only fit in half the amount of sources I was demanded to do. Damn. 

And I've no clue how well it'll go. This is what I dislike the most about schools and colleges - you never know! >A<

But the relieving feeling of 'being done' at least, has me wanting to keel over with fatigue... =_=

(And it just happens that this one shitty paper counts for 70 FRICKING PERCENT of my grade on a whole. Just who is that mean?)

UPDATE: Thank goodness, the nightmare has finally passed. My grade came online today, and I'm relieved to say I managed to get myself a C, which means I'm saved~ TTwTT I can sleep well again...


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Fine, I'm childish, but don't you blame me! At least I grew up first!

I rant, so beware. Don't say I didn't give you a heads up.

And think your arguments through before trying to fire me up, please. I hate to have to decode a lot of gibberish written in bad grammar to understand exactly what you said. :)

I return exact sentiments, and if that includes insults, then so be it. I like nice people, okay?


Leaf on the Wind - chapter 5 by AnnMY
Leaf on the Wind - chapter 5
Another little update, just to distance myself from the approaching feel of doom for tomorrow; a joint zoology/botany exam, where 60 out of 800 FUCKING SPECIES are picked out for us to guess... I said it once before, but man that college of mine really is a place of sadism... u.u

Putting that aside, let's discuss the chapter for a moment. ^^ 
I'm not sure whether I disappointed anyone with the way I resolved the tension of last chapter's cliffhanger ending, but it didn't feel right to put in a fight scene so early in the story; hence my favourite leader to the rescue~ (Yes I am totally favouriting Alderstar, I'm so sorry...) 

From then on it's mostly interactions between my characters, and somehow this plot of mine isn't really rushing ahead at any faster pace now than before, hehe... but Rosewing's starting to become a little suspicious~ Oh, and another of these unexplainable dreams of Brightleaf's. ;w;

U still remember that I'm not English, right? I think I've mentioned it for each chapter till now, oups. xP

(c) Dearly disliked Erin Hunter
Story and characters: Me
Leaf on the Wind - chapter 4 by AnnMY
Leaf on the Wind - chapter 4
Right, so I felt it was only adequate that I update my little story, as I'm slowly going back to working on it. By now, I've reached chapter 16, but I'm having a small issue with where my plot is headed - and yeah... troubles. But that doesn't mean I'm just gonna upload ten chapters in one go; that certainly will kill ALL my inspiration just as quick. =_=

That and I have to learn to distract myself with something other than drawing... 

Either way, new chapter, stuff is actually happening. Okay it's still going snail slow, but hey, at least there's a gathering in this one, right? xD I tried really hard to make the five leaders as diverse as I could, and it might be showing, but I am really fond of Alderstar. Like, really. And you get to see at least a little of the cats of the other clans, and of course HE also had to show up. Thrushfeather's lackadaisical nature knows no bounds... you could say Brightleaf does all the worrying for them both, poor gal~

Oh, yeah, and like, there's a cliffhanger here on the end. I couldn't stop myself. xD

P.S. No, I do not believe I've become more English now than from my last update, so remember to keep in mind; grammar ain't perfect in here. Can't possibly be. 

(c) Dearly disliked Erin Hunter
Story and characters: Me
The little ones we have by AnnMY
The little ones we have
Felt like renewing my love for this couple *w* And I just realized that besides Brightheart, I've never drawn any of the siblings more than once...le gasp! It's not a picture of effort, but enjoy anyway...
Thornkit searhing for his scaredy-cat sister Brightkit, who's doing her best to hide between her daddy's paws. Cinderkit I dunno what happened to, but she's squished anyway, humoring Brackenkit <3 Parents are in lovey-dovey mode :3

(c) Erin Hunter
art: meeee~

And this picture is dedicated to the ever-annoying Vicky Holmes, for having stated earlier "Lionheart could be the father of Brackenfur, sure" and then suddenly saying "I don't think he had any kits". Bitch please...

EDIT: 1/6.15 - I just have to add that it seems at last, Vicky has seen the light, by confirming on her facebook-page that indeed, THIS IS A SHIP THAT SAILED. Sure she's only one of the three? (their numbers are both adding and declining these days) authors, but damn I count this as a win!
Yawn by AnnMY
Spoiler alert for anyone not yet up to date with the Fairy Tail manga, just saying~

Because there was no way I could walk away from that chapter without drawing something for it - this was rather a turn of events I really did like, tugged my heartstrings to find out about their relationship really <3

Therefore, a little baby-Natsu with his big bro, and their imaginary momma. Nobody tells me their mom wasn't the one with the pink hair. Oh, and while at it, I've always imagined she must've been a little like a tomboy, just 'cause, hence her hair is a shabby mess ;3; (Am I the only one dying to see their parents, but aware that the chances are bloody damn slim, the percentages of parents in the manga considered?)

Anyway, drabbly picture is drabbly. I didn't expend a real lot of effort, sorry, I just wanted the picture down as quick as possible. ^^'

(c) Mashima Hiro
Art: Me
Rosy~ by AnnMY
I'm pulling an all-night tonight, so I figured I could draw some, and whipped up a few of my pencil sketches to colour on the pc. 

Wonder why I'm not going to sleep? Simple. in 4 1/2 hours I have to get up anyway, because college demands one day of stalking birds in the forest... which is what I gotta do. =_=

As for the picture itself - is it shameless of me to say I drew this on Christmas Eve? xD

Art: Me

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