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Guys, seems one of my oldest Fairy Tail pictures just went down for the count, assailed by the policy of dA. (Do any of you even remember how that one looked like at all? I mean, just a naked Juvia on a sea floor, badly drawn too mind you)

And weirdly, I'm unsure if I should laugh instead of feeling even slightly ashamed of it all.

You see, my "Deep in the blue" was removed by dA approximately an hour ago or so, because; A member of staff has reviewed a report concerning this deviation and has determined that the character(s) depicted in a nude, erotic or sexually compromising situation are established as being under the age of 18 in their original context.

Okay, let's do this pointedly. For one, I am not making any excuses for myself. Yes, I drew Juvia Lockser naked - I happen to be very fond of the human body, and enjoy drawing it - and yes, I know it's stated she's a 17 year old fictional character. (For those who're wide-eyed and confused, just look up Fairy Tail)

So that might be an issue for any of you. Not for me, but it's not up to me to decide.

I don't scream at casual nudes. The naked body is as natural as breathing the air, and what is better to use for art than something perfectly 'natural'? 

I'm against child porn, not casual nudes. 

What makes this look a tad bit humorous to me, is that the character in the picture I made is not a minor. By my country's law, that age's set to 16. And Juvia's 17. I know that differs around the globe, but hey I worked by my constitution's laws, and you can never please every last person. 
Either way, that's not the main point. The main point is that it all feels a little hypocritical. On this website, where you needn't even put in a search tag before you find art that I can only deem to be akin to child porn, you choose to target me instead. You take down a picture that despite its nakedness, is all-over rather harmless in comparison.  

And I feel the need to say as much. No, I'm not out to whine and cry and demand my picture be restored again. What I want, is for the dA admins to really wake up and smell the smoke, because there are worse "artists" out there for grabs. There are much worse pictures out there, which aims only to be sexual, with no care for anything else. We see stuff that goes against the policy all the time. I've seen it - we've all seen it. Fictional twelve-year old anime girls completely nude with their legs spread. Badly taken camera photos of some user's genitalia in order to get attention. 'Banned fluids' going fricking everywhere in photos as well as drawings. 

But I want the line of appropriate to be drawn more prominently. Something less half-hearted. Less contradictive. 

That is what I want. 


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Fine, I'm childish, but don't you blame me! At least I grew up first!

I rant, so beware. Don't say I didn't give you a heads up.

And think your arguments through before trying to fire me up, please. I hate to have to decode a lot of gibberish written in bad grammar to understand exactly what you said. :)

I return exact sentiments, and if that includes insults, then so be it. I like nice people, okay?


FT girls redo -lineart- by AnnMY
FT girls redo -lineart-
Y'know, I honestly only meant to redo Lucy's dress, but then I kinda realized some of the others deserved a redesign as well. And from then on it just... went through the roof. Heck, I've spent the last four and a half hours simply drawing the lineart.  =.= And I have school tomorrow...

So no, I really wasn't pleased with how the girls had been dressed up in the new opening - most of the designs were boring, they didn't match together AT ALL, and do I even need to point out the laziness of the animators for just copying some of them them out of their original images and just chucking them in like that... so I set out to fix that (according to my own sense of fashion, so if you don't agree with me, then I do apologize~)

The only ones who are more or less like their original images are Carla and Mirajane (only I gave Mira an upper arm bracelet as she was the only girl without a proper accessory - Carla remains the same because seriously, Exceeds aren't easy to dress up.)

Wendy got a complete overhaul, because she really didn't fit in the picture with the suit, and I wanted a complete formal feeling for them all. And no, I decided against putting her in a miniskirt - FT girls walk about in miniskirts all the time, so it's kinda... old, now. xD

As for Erza... I'm not going to lie, the super-short greek-ish dress with dark fishnet stockings really didn't do it for me - frankly, she looked cheap. Very cheap. So I changed the fabric a little, you see it doesn't fold as much, and made it floor-length to emphasize the elegance of her posture - oh, and one more bracelet Idk why.

Levy needed a new dress, she looked too casual compared to the others, like she wore an everyday dress, so I gave her a short, ruffled thing to wear instead. And I changed her headband to actually look like it's made from 'fabric' which it didn't look like before...

Juvia didn't fit in properly either with her lolita hat and ruffles, so she got a tight dress with sleeves (no I don't believe in forever strapless) and lace trim. And since I stole her hat, she got a pearl clip instead, and I think she looks cute. :3

Cana wasn't so bad, but the shawl reminded me more of an office shirt than anything, so fur wrap here we go. Her dress was okay, but I still felt she needed something prettier, and she fits dresses with necklines like these very, very much. 

As I mentioned, Lucy was the only one I was originally meant to redo - her dress didn't do her justice at all. The fabric was too tough, the shape boring, and what the frick was the point with that fugly white ribbon on her chest?! So I changed the fabric of her dress first, and slapped on a belt and gave her a split overlay skirt since it gives the impression of a longer dress length. And again, made her look more formal. 

Gah, rant over, now I really need to get to bed! QAQ
Shut up and hug me -coloured- by AnnMY
Shut up and hug me -coloured-
I did promise to try and ink the thing, right?

For anyone who's still confused, remember the words I used on my last sketch; "reunion" this is the Nalu reunion my head envisioned one day, and I decided to draw - not Lucy begging to come with them (yeah maybe her outfits are too similar, honestly I didn't pay much attention to it except for the pair of shoes...) UvU

And then the background just totally ran away on its own, I wasn't meaning to put so much into it at all, stuff just... escalated from there on. 

I'm really trying to get back to a drawing roll, but it's been hecka difficult thus far - I'll be doing my best, but college is gonna get in the way sooner or later, so I'll have to squeeze my sessions in wherever I can.

(c) Mashima Hiro
Art: Me
Shut Up And Hug Me by AnnMY
Shut Up And Hug Me
Everyone seems to be sharing their 'nalu reunion headcanon' on the web these days, so I decided to join in. Well, made an attempt to, if that makes any sense. 

I was meaning to ink and colour this whole thing, but that would mean staying up half the night, and my college attendance don't really allow me that - besides, I might be climbing my mountain of an art block, but I am not about to tempt fate... -__-'

So I sketched it up, and just slapped on a textured background just 'cause. But I liked the sketches, finally my stuff is showing some emotion again. UvU

(c) Mashima Hiro
Art (sketch really): Me
My art summary 2014 by AnnMY
My art summary 2014
Honestly, this wasn't my best year. Art blocks came and went, life made me busy with moving, applying and starting college, and then to make it all worse my inspiration just... sunk. So no, I'm not very proud of myself this time around. ^^' I am my own worst critic either way. 

Only upside is that my colour palette seems to have made itself a little less predictable compared to the years before (seriously, half my drawings had the same shades back then, weird how I never noticed... =_=')

Link to the summary base: 2014 Summary of Art BLANK
Art: all me
Hairstyles by AnnMY
For a month, and even more, I've suffered through one of the worst art blocks I've ever been through. I am not kidding you, I could barely hold my sketchbook, let alone use the tablet and create anything. TT^TT So really, I'm completely out of it. Even these were only achieved through pure luck - but at least, it's a hope...

So yes, I am very much updated with the Fairy Tail manga. 

And while I understand the most likely change of style Lucy's gonna get after a year's over with, it'll be the easy way out; simply longer hair. So I decided to ponder around what she would look good with, and honestly I'd be so happy if for a change, a manga author would turn the tables and do a shorter haircut instead. I mean, so many FT charas have butt-long hair, it's really not unique AT ALL. Lucy's supposed to be unique dangit!

But if she's simply in those darn twin tails again, I'll throw a fit.

(c) Mashima Hiro
Art: me

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