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Just a little plead for my mom's sake, she really wants a print from dA to hang on the wall. ^^

Many thanks in advance.

Increased the sum because that woman sure has trouble deciding, so I might as well try save up some more in case the prices turn out steeper than first anticipated...

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Tagged by KalahariMeerkatfan

Mostly just to show that I do in fact still exist... I've had a bit of a down period the last month, no need to go into details~ But hey, a journal tag woot. ^^

Tag 8+ people you'd like to get to know better using this meme!

And like always, I don't DO tags (unless there are peculiar circumstances) - if you wanna to this, do it, and if you wanna say I tagged you, then do so ;)

- AnnMY (my real name's to be found in the 'about' info, if you're that curious)

Star Sign:
- Libra bitches~ 

Average Hours of Sleep: 
- You don't want to know. Trust me. Bottom line I know tiredness pretty damn well.

Lucky Number(s):
- 4 & 11

Last Thing Googled:
- How to write 'miscellaneous' no kidding. Just to be on the safe side. c:

Favourite Fictional Character(s):
- Edmund Dantés (Count of Monte Cristo) Emma Woodhouse (Emma) Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables) QwQ

Current Attire:
- Um... a black slip and a towel around my head? ;P

When Did You Start This Account?:
- Excuse me while I go refresh my memory - ah yes, five years ago it was~

Number of Watchers:
- 2762 omg QwQ

What Do You Post?:
- 80% Fanart, 15% Original art, 5% Writing? 

Other Blogs:

Do You Get A Lot of Comments?
- Well, I like to think so. xD Sure, they come and go a bit like waves, but I'm as happy as can be for any comment I get.

Why Did You Choose This Username?
- On a whim, mostly. It's sort of a mesh of my first name and the character Little My from the Moomins which I grew up with; my family always commented that I was as obstinate as the character was, which made me think of her again when I was making up my username. And I'm pretty pleased with it, cuz it's short and easy to remember lol.


AnnMY's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Fine, I'm childish, but don't you blame me! At least I grew up first!

I rant, so beware. Don't say I didn't give you a heads up.

I return exact sentiments, and if that includes insults, then so be it. I like nice people, okay?

Wanna follow me on Tumblr?
For general reblogs and art, go here;
For everything involving my cat arts;
And for those with a pervy streak;


My art summary - 2016 by AnnMY
My art summary - 2016
... so this year was a total disaster, no?

Okay that might be a bit harsh, I mean the latter months really showed a little progress, but overall... this year has been so stagnant. Painfully uninspired, excepting those few golden moments, as showed here. I'll have you know, it was physically painful to draw cats until October rolled around - I don't get it, but of all the things I draw, what MOST often has me plunging into art block, is cats. Whiiiich is really not good for business considering 90% of my following is cat-exclusive lol. Maybe I should branch out more... -.-

We're still at a 50-50 human vs. cat art tho, so that's good. ;w;

Am I trying to ignore that very eye-catching row of months there when nothing was made? Maaaaaybe. Honestly I wasn't even aware so many months had been left open until I started looking for pictures, and checking their submit dates... and what a coincidence that they'd align too... jesus. 

So March at least has a plausible excuse, because college is forever demanding, and I had a lot of work to do. The other two... hmm, okay that's more dangerous territory. Listen, I hate saying this, mostly because I am a private person who does not enjoy burdening others with her issues, but I have had a shitty year mentally. Stress, depression, general life problems and crashes... u3u If that's surprising to you, then it just means I've done a real good job hiding it, haha. 

*Coughs* let's pretend that paragraph never happened lol. 

Source: 2016 Summary of Art BLANK
Art: Mine
Milady's Furs by AnnMY
Milady's Furs
Last one tonight, I promise. Also, the most recent artwork I got, finished... eeeexactly fifteen minutes ago~ uvo

My lovely oc again of course (Nadia's my go-to when I do people art these days hmm) and very belle epoque-inspired this time around. Considering her universe 'is' sort of built up around 1910-15 fashion, maybe not really surprising. I'm a bit proud of the dress, considering I sorta made up the design on the spot. Oh and more furs, of course; I love drawing fur, looks so soft~

Tried that watercolour style again for the shading, I'm still on the fence about how well it went heh - but I delighted in drawing the highlights. Seriously, this thing could've gone muuuuch more extreme if I hadn't tempered myself last minute... uwu

Art and character: Me
Blood Red by AnnMY
Blood Red
... Okay so I totally needed to have a go at that pin-up style with my Nadia too~ u3u 

Drawn about... one week ago, Idk. Sorry for the laziness hehe.

Art and character: Me
I Spy by AnnMY
I Spy
So, more old art, I'd say from... well, two week ago I think?? Can't remember properly. 

Either way, an inked pin-up sort of thing, they're actually very amusing to draw, especially with sharp shadows and contrasts. Honestly I have a bunch of colour options for this picture, but this one was voted nicest by my family, so up on dA it goes. 

In truth, this was supposed to be Kyoko from the manga Skip Beat! - I had this vision of her where she kept her original hairstyle, more or less (I think because I prefer her natural black hair lol, not that her chestnut pixie cut 'isn't' cute, but yeah...) but then the whole picture just got out of control, whoopsies. uwu'

Skip Beat! (c) Yoshiki Nakamura
Art: Me
Furs by AnnMY
Drew this one a few weeks ago, but I haven't felt like uploading anything lately, got so little inspiration either how... u.u'

Not much to say for this one, other than that I really dislike it hahahahahaha~ Picture REALLY didn't wanna work with me.

Art and oc: Me

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EasyWayOutArtist Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I really love your Purebred Pretties project, unfortunately I can't seem to get an understanding of cat genetics. Are there any websites or something you might be able to suggest to help me?
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Thank you for the Llama badge! I look up to you and that's just amazing 😭😍
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You're very welcome my dear, I admit your comic just interested me so that I just had to watch you to ensure I catch every page hehe~ ;) And thank you very much, I'm pleased to hear it!
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Hey, I'm a big Fan of your Art. Can we make an Art Trade? I would be soooooooo Happy.
AnnMY Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wish I coul say yes, but I'm too busy this month and the next for an art trade. u3u Ask me again after newyears if you're still interested! :D
Silberfeder2602 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, no problem. ;)
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//grabs your face in my hands and looks you in the eye
Ann, ilu B)
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