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I'm feeling bored, listless, and overall out of health right now - Idk, as it is I fear I'm falling into seasonal depression. Curse this blasted winter, god... -.-

So, to cheer myself up, I wanted to do a meme; it's been so long since the last one, and then I saw Streamwhisker doing this funny-looking thing today, and decided to try it out myself~

Alphabet Meme

- Available: As in me? Why, ye
- Annoyance: There is an abudance of things in this world which annoys me, trust me. Were I to pick anything right now, I'd say awful "Norwegianized" English words... like, we've 'translated' bacon, into 'beiken' ughhhhh.
- Allergic: To normal toothpaste, haha. 
- Animal: CATS~
- Actor: David Suchet, Tom Hanks, Colin Firth - last one is real eye-candy. x3

- Beer:
No thank you, tastes like piss.
- Birthday/Birthplace: Eleventh of October - at a hospital, would you believe it? xD
- Best Friends: Lina, I think. I've known her longest. But I have other friends I adore too~
- Body Part on opposite sex: In what relation? Just to mention one, or one I prefer? *coughjawlinescough*
- Best feeling in the world: Small pleasures, like helping strangers with their stuff, have a nice conversation with people you don't even know the names of, greet someone and be curtsied in return etc. I've always preferred the small things, really. :3
- Blind or Deaf: Well, I have some experience in being blind, and it was surprising how quickly I adapted to the feel of darkness so I think in the long run I'd handle that best. ^^
- Best weather: Nice, sunny summer days that's not so hot you die - or dark autumn nights with tropical winds (happens like once every ten years lol)
- Been in Love: No. Don't look at me like that, 'kay? ^^'
- Been –beep- out?: Que? 
- Been on stage?: A few times, mostly connected with school. And some dancing, I did jazz and ballet as a kid
- Believe in yourself?: Hah, hell no. My mind is a fickle place, don't you know that? xD
- Believe in life on other planets: Yes, but not in the "I'm a green alien who's ten thousand times smarter than you lol"-sort of life. I want there to be other eco-systems built of completely foreign organisms~ QwQ
- Believe in miracles: Depends on what you put into the word 'miracle' - I find it's much overused these days to describe just about anything...
- Believe in Magic: Only the magic of nature~
- Believe in God: No. Let's put it this way, if this 'God' existed, then I firmly believe we're talking about the cruellest thing that ever was. So there. 
- Believe in Satan: Why would I believe in Satan when I don't even believe in God? 
- Believe in Santa: I can't remember if I ever did honestly... Me and Sis did believe in the 'Golden Hen' that came with marzipan eggs in Easter tho. xD
- Believe in Ghosts/spirits: I believe in 'something'. What that 'something' is, I can't explain, but I know it's there. If that means it's ghosts or spirits, I'm not sure. 
- Believe in Evolution: Well duuuuh~ 

- Car:
Got none - I mean, I don't even have a license yet so kinda no point is there? -.-'
- Candy: Hmm, I like cherry drops, but I'm kinda picky when there's no chocolate involved. xD
- Colour: THE RAINBOW~ I can never just pick one colour silly~
- Cried in school: Several times, yes, for several reasons, some of which were worse than others...
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate, definitively. ;3;
- Chinese/Mexican: Not really keen on either, sorry. 
- Cake or pie: Cake, hands down. 
- Countries to visit: Oh lord, but there are so manyyyy~ Africa in general, Great Britain for sure, revisit Greece, and Germany, New Zealand, Hawaii too... 

- Day or Night: Hmmm... early day? 
- Dream vehicle: Um... I don't really like driving at all, so none? xD
- Danced: A few times. I know some basic ballet, waltz, swing, and the infamous Polonaise...
- Dance in the rain?: As a kid, yes. x3
- Dance in the middle of the street?: Not so much, no. I'm too shy for stunts like that. ^^'
- Do the splits?: I tried for YEARS to do that, but I still can't... I do get my leg behind my head no stress though~

- Eggs: So yummy. I want to own chickens one day so I can have a ready supply haha. xD
- Eyes: Dark brown. Black in dim lighting, according to my roomie. (apparently my looks are shit-scary at night...)
- Everyone has: DNA~ ;P
- Ever failed a class?: Yes, twice even... =_=

- First crush: Ummmm... I don't think it was a crush as much as it was peer pressure to like someone, but sure back in first grade there was this kid...
- Full name: Anne-Sofie L- L-
- First thoughts waking up: "Sooo, six hours of sleep maybe? This day is gonna be shit"  
- Food: Mild, bland Norwegian cuisine yass~ 

- Greatest Fear: Never be 'good enough' for people...
- Giver or taker: Giver. I adore seeing people happy, haha. 
- Goals: Don't die feeling miserable? xD
- Gum: Don't like any, not allowed to eat any either~ (Medicinal; meniscus, if you're wondering)
- Get along with your parents?: I love my parents more than anything, so yes.
- Good luck charms: Never really had any.


- Hair Colour: Brown.

- Height: 170 centimetres I think.

- Happy: Honestly? Not really - happiness and me aren't very close, I'm just a very sombré person. ^^'

- Holidays: As a student, I wish we had more of 'em haha. xD My favourite... Christmas maybe? It makes winter easier to bear.

- How do you want to die: Calmly, and not in a hell of pain. 

- Health freak?: Never. Everything in doses, nothing is healthy any more once it goes extreme.

- Hate: Soooo many things - but maybe hypocrites are among the worst things I know.


(In boys)

- Eye colour: Anything goes, I suppose, so long as there is depth in the eyes. 

- Hair Colour: Preferably dark~ Q3Q

- Height: I've never been petite myself, so I'd like a guy a good ten centimentres taller at least. 

- Clothing Style: For me, or for 'hypotethical boy?' In which case, not snobbish, or sloppy. xD

- Characteristics: Are we still talking about men? This is kinda confusing. ^^' But if so, then 'nice' would be a good start, no? xD Also, I couldn't handle anyone dumber than me...

- Ice Cream: Vanilla with chocolate topping~ ;3;

Instrument: Never played any, except the recorder we got in school, and that one went missing under mysterious circumstances when I brought it home. (Mum denied being guilty, but 'fessed up some years later that the sound was just too horrid to listen too xD) But I think I like the sound of the cello most of all. 


- Jewellery: Prefer necklaces - I've never been able to stand bracelets at all, just the feeling of something on my wrists all the time makes me crazy. 

- Job: Full-time student.



- Kids: I can see kids as more or less anything ranging from cute to hellish little imps, but I don't think I can ever adore any children unless they were my own. xD

Kick-boxing or karate: I'm a pacifist and a klutz, trust me I wouldn't be able to throw a straight punch if I wanted to... I can slap well enough haha.

Keep a journal?: Tried, and failed. Journals just make your everyday life even more boring than you'd first believed. xD



Longest Car Ride: Hoooo boy... 10 hours, maybe teasing the 12-hour mark?

Love: CATS~

Letter: Que? I've always sucked at writing letters, which is kind of a shame...

- Laughed so hard you cried: Oh yes - it's surprisingly hard to stop too, once you get that bad. ;D

- Love at first sight: Nay. I have never, and I don't think I'll ever believe in something that sounds so shallow. 



- Milk flavour: Normal milk? O.o 

- Movie: Oh but I love so many... um, Cloud Atlas? Or maybe Godzilla - and I like war films quite a lot. 

- Mooned anyone?: No. 

Marriage: Yes please~ x3

Motion sickness?: A bit - got better with age, it did. 

McD's or BK: Burger King of course - MacDonalds is and remains shit~



- Number of Siblings: One alien little sister. 

- Number of Piercings: In past tense; two, because my ear piercings got infected and they closed later on.

- Number: 4, or 11.



- Overused Phrases: Cinnamon roll. I despise the term. And internet phrases/terms in general, because seriously it's getting ridiculous. 

- One wish: Have a peaceful life? xD

- One phobia: I have no proper phobia, per se, but I have a disinclination for feet in general...



- Place you'd like to live: In my dreams I could live anywhere, but I kinda fancy Norway despite it all because I'm a wimp like that. x3

- Pepsi/Coke: Tastes like piss both of them. But the taste of Pepsi is infinitely worse...



- Quail: Let me check the dictionary on that, will you? ^^' .... So, as in the bird? 

- Questionnaires: Enjoy 'em well enough.

- Quote: "End of Quote", "In Vino Veritas", "Veni, vidi, vici" (Caesar), "Cogito ergo sum" (Descartes), "Those who do not know history, are doomed to repeat it" (Santayana), "This is not the end. This is not even the beginning of the end. But perhaps it is the end of the beginning" (Churchill), "Those who die in slow motion" (Seltzer) - tired yet? xD



- Reason to cry: If you feel like crying, then cry. 

- Reality T.V.: Among the worst inventions for television ever created. 

- Radio Station: P1 or P2 (Norwegian state channels) or maybe that nameless one that only plays classical music~

- Roll your tongue in a circle?: Sure.



- Song: "Over the hills and far away" Gary Moore, "Wounding and Healing" Francis Dunnery~

- Shoe size: 38 

- Sushi: Eeew.

- Skipped school: Loads of times~ But I'm smart so I'm good. xD

Slept outside: In tents, yes - such a distinct lack of comfort, ugh. And I've slept in tipis, and in cars. 

- Seen a dead body?: Yes, I was present for my grandfather's wake, and also my paternal grandmother's some years later. As for animals, I'm out of count of the amount of dead animals I've seen, truly... working at a vet clinic, I've helped put down several too...

Smoked?: Yes, once - I really wanted to try make those awesome smoke rings mum did, so she let me try; I almost croaked, haha. xD

Skinny dipped?: As a child, yup. 

- Shower daily?: No - aware of how much you can damage your skin and hair doing that? A wet cloth helps just as much. 

- Sing well?: People don't bleed from their ears when I sing, but I still wish I could have some lessons. x3

- In the shower?: If my Sis is in the bathroom and I feel like annoying her, then yes. 

- Swear?: All the bloody time, sadly... a bi-effect of all the kids my age swearing too when I grew up~

- Stuffed Animals?: I share my bed with a big, round stuffed cow. xD

- Single/Group dates: Um, haven't much experience in that regard, but I think group dates sound horribly awkward. 

- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberry jam and blueberry yoghurt and I'm happy~

- Scientists need to invent: A cure for idiots. 



- Time for bed: That can be whenever - thing is, bedtime doesn't guarantee me sleep you see. ^^'

- Thunderstorms: Love 'em. It's so amazing to just listen to the rumbles, and watch out for thunderstrikes~

- Touch your tongue to your nose?: No...



- Unpredictable: I hate it when stuff is unpredictable, makes me so nervous. As for myself, Idk if I'm predictable or not haha. 

- Understanding?: I try my best to be. 

- Under the influence?: Umm... I've only ever been properly drunk in my life once, and I was mostly scared because I'd lost any sense of pain and apparently my palm was bleeding... so no. 



- Vegetable you hate: Anything cabbage. Eeeeew. (Except one)

- Vegetable you love: Kohlrabi, yum~ 

- Vacation spot: A nice, green place that isn't overly hot, where there is fairly little people, and easy access to the sea. I'd be happy then~



- Weakness: My own self.

- When you grow up: I want to 'feel' like an adult. xD

Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Um... Idk really, maybe my second cousin Christine. Or Shadow-chu maybe, we've been comparing a lot of quirks lately. x3

- Who makes you laugh the most: My sister, hands down - we share so many jokes between ourselves, omg.

- Worst feeling: Disappointment when it takes you completely unawares. 

Wanted to be a model?: No - I've never been comfortable before a camera, and I can't smile to save my life. 

- Where do we go when we die: We go into a light, or so my grandfather told me after he recollected a near-death experience of his own. 

Worst weather: A snow-rain combo... ughhh...

- Walk with a book on your head?: I could, years ago. Had very good balance haha.



X-Rays: Done that soooo many times. I have shitty knees, so you know. 



-Year it is now: 2016.

-Yellow: Is a colour I like, depending on hue - I love nice, sunny yellows, but I cannot stand mustard-ochre yellow...



- Zoo animal: Seals! Or penguins - they're decidedly the funniest animals to watch at a zoo.

- Zodiac sign: Libra~

So there, my first meme in half a year and perhaps even more than that, yaay~ QwQ


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Fine, I'm childish, but don't you blame me! At least I grew up first!

I rant, so beware. Don't say I didn't give you a heads up.

I return exact sentiments, and if that includes insults, then so be it. I like nice people, okay?

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Purebreds - Rock by AnnMY
Purebreds - Rock
Right... that's one ugly ghostcat done - I'm never doing a wrinklebag-cat again if I can help it... sorry folks but this breed is seriously not a favourite of mine, isn't it mean to base a whole breed on them having to be naked and freezing so easily and sensitive to light exposure and a tendency for skin conditions? -.-

Either how, here's ancient Rock for you - picking his breed and colouring him was easy enough I mean he has NO CONNECTIONS at all since he's been dead so long... which in retrospect was really, really boring. Also for those who're not completely quick on the uptake, his chosen breed is of course the Sphynx - it's decidedly the most similar to his... sad appearance. 

Speaking of said appearance, he's perhaps not quite what you had in mind; for one, I did his skin blue. Why? Well, a pink naked cat is most likely either white, or ginger/cream because YES their skin reflects the fur colour/pattern they could've had, imagine that~ Aaand, afterall his name is 'Rock' and unless the one who named him wanted him named after limestone or chalk, then him being blue makes all the more sense. 
I let him have those puny tufts of hair along his back that he's described with, and I added some scarring here and there - but I drew a line when it came to his long, creepy claws. I mean, as with Scourge, it comes to a point where there are just TOO MANY features at work trying to make a chara look intimidating, and instead they become trashy-looking. So there. 

The one unnatural feature I let him keep was the blank, white eyes - he's a ghost, it's not like it does us any harm genetically speaking, and hell if it doesn't make him look scary as fuck too...

(c) Dearly disliked Erin Hunter
Art: Me
Purebreds - Whitestorm by AnnMY
Purebreds - Whitestorm
Sooooo, for half the time here I swear I was just painting shades around and just "la la la Idk what I'm doing anymore whelp"...

Either way, do you recognize the darling Whitestorm after his overhaul? ;w; He's... not that much different, eh? Ah but he's such a precious chara I had to do him justice though, really~ And I am, in the end, almost content with the way he looks, weeeeee. 

Whitestorm's family is tricky to explain, at best... his mother is for all intents and purposes white, and his dad a weird blue bicolour - the trouble lies with the fact that Snowfur already, is an impossible outcome for her parents to have (since neither Stormtail nor Moonflower has any white -.-') soooo, what to do? Silver shading, that's what~ It's dominant, and it turns the coat very pale, if not completely white - I didn't want to go all the way to the chincilla colouring, I know little enough about the silver gene as it is, wouldn't want to dig my grave even deeper, haha... ha... ha...

So yes, you can expect more silver cats in this family line coughsnowfurandmoonflowercough to justify this change of design~ His coat is black-based, just to clear up stuff, or Sorreltail would've had to be a dilute cat (since Willowpelt is pale too) and I wouldn't accept that idea, nope. Doesn't match with the word 'sorrel'. 

Speaking of his daughter, Whitestorm's chosen breed should be obvious; Siberian forest cat, yaay~ He's the same as his daughter, and I'll sprinkle his ancestry with a little of the breed too. 

(c) Dearly disliked Erin Hunter
Art: Me

P.S. I have recently adopted the headcanon that Whitestorm is actually Greystripe's real dad and nothing you people say can convince me otherwise bye~ 
Purebreds - Mousefur by AnnMY
Purebreds - Mousefur
Lol now look at that Firestar isn't special anylonger~

... You can't possibly have any idea how badly I wanted to say that. xD

But it's true though - lo and behold, I went and did Mousefur an Abyssinian, juuuust like Firestar. Why? I didn't want mister Rusty to be overly speciuul- no of course not, I just wanted some diversion in designs hehe. Mousefur was solid brown for books on end as far as I was aware, and suddenly she went all tabby; so then I decided to make a little twist of it all. 

Mousefur's genetics are fairly simple. Both her parents are black-based, so she gets a black gene from each, and then the ticking comes from Halftail's side of the family (and as he has no other relations nothing can puncture the idea so far~) - notice however that unlike Firestar, Mousefur is a heterozygous ticked tabby. What the crick's that? Easy - a cat has a set of two alleles per gene, so this means Mousefur only has ticked tabby on one allele, while the other is anything else, most likely mackerel tabby considering her brother Runningwind. This is more likely since One-eye has no immediate ticked tabbies in her family and makes her unlikely to be a carrier of it. :3

The one thing about Mousefur that kinda confused me a lil' was the description of her eyes. "Eyes the colour of sunlit ice" - okaaaay. Well for me that meant pale, sharp yellow, so that's the colour she got eitherhow derp. ;P 

Just a mention of her character itself... well, Mousefur was nice enough. She was good enough as a supporting character, but I didn't care about her overmuch, and her death didn't really rankle me either - she was old besides. There however, I have a slight issue. Mousefur retired already in the second series, complaining about oh-how old she felt and all. And while that might be acceptable, it does make one wonder - Mistystar hasn't yet shown ANY such weakness, and she isn't more than three months younger than Mousefur... -.-'

(c) Dearly disliked Erin Hunter
Art: Me
Purebreds - Silverstream by AnnMY
Purebreds - Silverstream
Number two down already, woot~ I've been working hard these last days because seriously, I thought I was busy before, but lo and behold shit's gonna get worse, hooray... 

Little lady Silverstream looks, at least according to myself, rather like her canon self - I've always seen her as the sleekest, prettiest shorthaired lady, so sorry to those of you who was expecting a fluffball here. ^^ Her genetics are... not the trickiEST, but still I've had to tread carefully. Like I've before mentioned, the silver gene is beyond tricky - while some parts of it is easy enough to understand, it's a bit confuddling nonetheless; so please don't assume this is automatically correct just because I use it. I know the gist of it, but it'll take a while yet I believe before I have a full grasp on the gene. 

Either how, Silverstream inherits the silver from her mother, whose description is almost completely the same as her own - and I gave her the classic tabby gene because honestly that's the only sort of tabby she ever was in my eyes; and finally, as for her GENETICALLY IMPOSSIBLE BLUE EYES (the Erins' love of silver/grey cats with blue eyes seems unstoppable...) I just gave her papa Crooked's green eyes instead. Doesn't she look adorable with 'em? ;3; For the breed itself, you might be surprised, but she's an Australian Mist. Whut, you say, but hey it's a lovely little breed, and I've established it in Windclan already so it sorta hints to her half-clan heritage~

A last word on the chara herself... I liked Silverstream, I did. She was sweet, spunky, obviously Riverclan's little spoiled princess, and overall her obstinacy was adorable to me~ That and she's "first series", which already adds a star to her haha. xD

(c) Dearly disliked Erin Hunter
Art: Me
Purebreds - Spiderleg by AnnMY
Purebreds - Spiderleg
Yiss, we're off to our next batch of purebred lil' kitties~

Ahem... Spiderleg is surprisingly easy, I'll have you know. His design works, say, 90% or so - there was just this itty bitty thing; the "brown underbelly." Sorry fellas, but that's not the way it works. Sooo, that had to go. Instead, I painted his fur with some brown hues here and there - this is very common in black cats, because it's not as if black fur really means 'devoid of any other colour'. This effect is called 'rusting' - meaning that especially in sunlight, Spiderleg's fur will kinda light up into a russet-brown shade. That's as close to the so-called brown underbelly I'll ever get him. x3
Other than that, he inherits short fur from his papa, black from either parent really, and his chosen breed is the European Shorthair, of which there are now rather a good few in the family~ Also, I did focus a lot on his nice, long model legs, believe it or not haha. xD

As for his chara... I've always kinda had a soft spot for Spiderleg, he was just cute to me all the time, even when he was being a douché. Seriously the only wish I had was that he and Daisy could've gotten back together, I am a hopeless sucker for that couple just because, well, biggest misfit couple there ever was~ <3

(c) Dearly disliked Erin Hunter
Art: Me

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