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Just a little plead for my mom's sake, she really wants a print from dA to hang on the wall. ^^

Many thanks in advance.

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And they'll be the next batch of Purebred Pretties I'll make~ 

It's going to be a while before I have enough free time to draw for this project, but I want to have the cats ready so I can check in case there's a mistake with their intended designs. And this time I want you guys to decide who I'll draw, since I've more or less just been doing random charas lately~

So the first ten people who comment here, will be able to make that decision for me, just chuck in a comment with a character's name, and I'll note them down. I draw ten cats at a time, so it won't matter if you continue putting in comments, exceeding those ten I'l sadly be ignoring the rest. 

You may ask for any character, but there are a few things you'll have to keep in mind however; 

1. I will not redo any cats already drawn (check the folder Purebred Pretties Project)

2. Please don't ask for any of the Dawn of the Clans characters, I do not have a breed chart ready for them since the family lines are still so scattered and small.

3. PLEASE, don't ask for more than ONE of the following; Jayfeather, Ashfur or Crowfeather. Once any of these names pop up, I'll ignore comments with the other names in them. I just... cannot deal with so many emo-faces at once. It's no joke.

There, no please go ahead~ 

Okay, so we've already reached a decision - wow you guys work fast O.o
Here, I'll list the cats you've chosen for the next round (I picked a few among your suggestions mostly xD); 
1. Sasha
2. Spottedleaf
3. Mosspelt
4. Sorreltail and Brackenfur (a couple drawing, I always have at least one of those)
5. Scourge
6. Ivypool
7. Amberpaw/Ambermoon
8. Leopardstar
9. Ashfur
10. Mothwing


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Fine, I'm childish, but don't you blame me! At least I grew up first!

I rant, so beware. Don't say I didn't give you a heads up.

I return exact sentiments, and if that includes insults, then so be it. I like nice people, okay?

Wanna follow me on Tumblr?
For general reblogs and art, go here;
For everything involving my cat arts;
And for those with a pervy streak;


Balmora News by AnnMY
Balmora News
This picture has been acting up ever since I finished the linework and started on the colouring... even now, I only barely find it acceptable, but I can't be bothered to start anew, sadly. -.- 

More Morrowind, again~ You're starting to get used to it too, no? xD Sorry really, but I'm having a very TES-focused mind for the time being, oups. 

And of course, it means more Lovisa. *w* While developing more of her story, I realised a little something; she's too innocent, haha. ^^' I needed a way to make her actually able to get information about the going-ons in the land without heavily ruining her personality, hence I introduce one more character, Mariwen the Bosmer. She's the more... dynamic, of the two, when it comes to the scale of good and evil - sneakier, more likely to pop up in your house uninvited, and with an information network big enough to make the Blades pale in comparison. Just the sort of friend Lovisa needs for her adventures~ 
So excluding the sides of the law they tend to stay on, they're the perfect friends to giggle together and share news and gossip; if I were to make guess, Mariwen's likely talking about the new Orc lads in town. She rather fancies "handsome, beefy Orc men." xD

(c) Bethesda
Art and characters: Me

EDIT: Curious, my submission deleted parts of the commentary section, that's weird...
He Took his Helmet off by AnnMY
He Took his Helmet off
Ahem, so even more Morrowind stuffs. Wow, I'm actually starting to get versed in doing this... feels less forced now at least, haha. 

On another note, I have never before loaded my TES game, only to go take a screenshot of Vivec city, and then quit... until now - I figured doing the background without reference that actually gave me... ground contact? wouldn't work. xD I'm quite pleased with some parts of it, actually~

And more baby!Lovisa, this time on her way home after a day playing with friends, maybe? You're not telling me all Dunmer are born with furrows between their brows and a rule against playing - that's just, no. Not working. So either way, she's most likely a little amazed at the Ordinator, who after a long, warm day, is finally forced to take off his clammy facial mask to actually get some air, le gasp~ (pun intended haha) 

On a different note, mister Ordinator is likely thinking something along the lines of "what's with the little scrib?" xD

(c) Bethesda
Art and characters: Me
His little Apprentice by AnnMY
His little Apprentice
More Morrowind stuffs~ A rather... halfhearted coloured thingy, I mostly just wanted to do more with my little Dunmer chara. ;w;

Lovisa, like most Nerevarines in the making, has that "born to uncertain parents"-feature, so she's an orphan. The Temple took her in, and she became the charge of this other mer I've drawn; Tuls Indalen. An old, fairly unactive Temple priest, whose policy goes more or less like this; "If only more Dunmer smiled, we'd have far less conflict in this country." It's from him that Lovisa got her surname, and also her tendency of smiling a loooot more than her fellow countrymen~ 

There, that's a little more development for my character, haha. 

(c) Bethesda
Art and characters: Me
Dunmer dress-up 3 by AnnMY
Dunmer dress-up 3
I feel this dress-up thing is slowly starting to take over my life... O.o Ah well, it's challenging to come up with new designs anyway, hehe~

Left-most is the... um, most morbid one? xD Well since Lovisa, as all main charas happen to, contracts Corpus, I wanted to try vizualise it; sores, swelling, cracking flesh etc. Bandaged her up, I mean you'd want to contain it, but I only put a tunic on her - her body is practically an open wound, walking around in clothes that rub against said sores would be the last thing you want~ ;3;

Second can almost be counted as a follow-up, storywise; an alternative robe-set compared to the Hortator robe in-game, mostly because I wanted to test a different design. It also marks the first time I ever put Lovisa in anything akin to armour (go unarmoured skill~) uvu'

Then the black piece is... again, a bit hard to nail. I've put in lots of Temple features, so obviously it's a faction robe; but what purpose it serves, Idk. Maybe a robe for official ceremonies, though it looks more like it belongs in Necrom than any other place; or just a robe of mourning. The headpiece isn't strictly Dunmeri I guess, but it looks good.

Fourth is my guilty pleasure, nothing less haha. xD Again, Morrowind has no dresses to work from, so her wedding gown was made from scratch - looks like a swishy thing, oh and semi-transparency because why not~ 

(c) Bethesda:
Art and character: Me
BramblexSquirrel romance in Lols by AnnMY
BramblexSquirrel romance in Lols
Um, I'll just warn you now, a few vulgarities ahead, for those of you who don't like that sort of thing. ^^

So, yeah... I just felt like having a good laugh, and decided that poking fun at one of my warrior ships was just the right way to go~ Don't get me wrong, I used to love these two together (these days I'm a bit more mellow, mostly because Bramble is an ass) because opposites attract, yes? And it's so cute. ;3;

But seriously, if I were to mention one pairing which has suffered so much abuse by the authors and their wish for drama, it's these two... and it's all so goddamn over the top too! Like, drama award of the year, halleluja~

Also, I don't like how the "bad guy" somehow gets away with being a bad guy. No, I'm not talking about the super villains, I'm talking about the everyday douchebags - Crowfeather, Bramblestar, Firestar etc. Crowfeather is never cornered about his bad parentage or his shitty behaviour of other people, no instead in the Last Hope the authors has him save his illegitimate children, from the son he drove into maniacal depression, like he was some fucking hero! Then Firestar cheats on his wife for years with a dead gal in his dreams, never admits there might just be something screwed-up about it, and oh my god he even declares he wanted to actively be with her when Spotty dies times number two, in front of Sandstorm! "Oh noes you can't leave me now we were gonna be jolly happy in kitty heaven!" Thank you for all those years of happy marriage, you a**hole...
And Bramblestar... he ain't any better. He lies, and never admits he was actually on board with dead!Tigerstar and Hawkfrost in couping the lake - then sure, he gets hurt when his happy family goes up in flames (pun intended~). Yet he never, for even a minute, stalls to ponder the "why"; he doesn't for a moment regret behaving like a frigid piece of shit to his former mate for 365 days. Oh and also, before anyone challenges me on that; he was just as big a shit to Jayfeather and Lionblaze. Yah, he discovered they weren't father and sons - but then he also just stopped, right then and there, to be their father actively. He abandoned them as readily as he abandoned Squirrelflight. Oh and when he finally comes to terms with her decision, NOT EVEN A FUCKING APOLOGY. To ANY of them. 
This doesn't even begin to cover how pissed-off I felt when I got to hear about Jessy... my fucking god, Erins, do you want me to hate you? Do you really believe I'd buy that ridiculous, unbelievable triangle drama?

Do I despise the character named Jessy? Yes, I do; A LOT. Want to know why? It's not directly because Bramblestar fell so unreasonably in love with her, though that felt so forced it wasn't even funny - it was the fact, that Jessy is a COMPLETE AND UTTER COPY of SQUIRRELFLIGHT! They just took all Squirrelflight's personality features; stubborn, cheeky, fiery, teasing etc. and put it all in a new bloody cat just to create a needless romance drama! And I see fans who love Jessy for all this, saying they wanted her instead of "stupid Squirrelflight", when in truth THEY'RE IN LOVE WITH SQUIRRELFLIGHT 2.0 AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Ahem... sorry. I just had to rant a little. Read the comic instead and have a laugh, will you? xD

(c) Dearly disliked Erin Hunter
Art: Me

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