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November 8, 2012
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Our Secret by AnnMY Our Secret by AnnMY
Yeah, picture sucks...
After a discussion with a fellow Warriors fan, I adopted her way of shipping; Birchfall and Applefur were meant to be from the beginning, we all know that ^^

Thus I also adopted (or as much as I can remember) the rest of the idea. It goes like this; Whitewing is innocent, and a good friend of Squirrelflight around the time when Ashfur gets his heart broken. The tom can't get his frustrations to end, and with how it seems he can't hurt either Squirrel or Bramble directly, he ambushes Whitewing when she's alone, since she's a dear friend. Seeing as there would only be trouble, and possible bloodshed if she said anything, Whitewing kept silent. The ambush then got her pregnant.
Meanwhile, Birchfall is keeping a secret. He missed the friendship he shared with Toadfoot and Applefur as kits, and after becoming a warrior, he met Applefur again at a gathering. They picked up, and eventually fell in love. Neither could bear to leave the Clan for each other, so they meet in secret. The only other ShadowClan cat who knows, is her brother.
Birchfall is on his way home from such a meeting when he stumbles upon Whitewing, who's greatly disturbed. She bursts out with everything, and he promises to cover her, if she'll do the same for him. Whitewing understand, and later they reveal to the Clan that they are mates.
None of this gets out until after the Dark Forest fight, when Applefur gets pregnant. Dovewing and Ivypool demand a thorough explanation...

My fellow Warriors fan and original(though a little different) story-maker; KalahariMeerkatFan!

Warriors (c) Erin Hunter
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Bramblestar27 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014   Traditional Artist
Hmmm...I like this theory :3 It sounds similar to what happened in my fanfiction Dark Hearts. Whitewing becomes pregnant with Hawkfrost's kits after they mate in a dream (the DF cats seem to have a strong link to the physical world, since they can cause real injuries), and she needs her best friend Birchfall to cover for her. When she sees he's missing from his nest at night, she goes out to find him and catches him meeting Applefur. She agrees to keep his secret in exchange for him pretending to be the father of her kits. But I like your theory too! Rape doesn't seem out of Ashfur's moral compass, since he did attempt to MURDER Squirrelflight's "kits!" Although if he were to rape anyone, it would probably be Squirrelflight herself...then again, maybe not, since Brambleclaw would beat the crap out of him. Anyway, very interesting idea! I stubbbornly believe that Birchfall and Applefur are secretly mates X3 I think their kits are Pinenose and Ferretclaw! Very nice picture...I love what you did with the scenes in the boxes! I love your design for Applefur, even though I imagined her a little more reddish. Can I use this for a video?
AnnMY Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nay, that was my thoughts too, that I certainly wouldn't put rape past a cat as far gone as Ashfur in madness. I've always been of the idea too that Birchfall and Applefur would make too deep a connection during their time together to let those border laws (as if anyone really cares in the books these days lol) to stop them. 
But you're story with Hawkfrost is certainly close enough. Somehow all of us end up using Whitewing, the poor girl, unless your story deals in real romance, and not cruelty. Mine and KalahariMeerkatfan's certainly does. ^^'
Yes, I was thinking that perhaps Squirrelflight would be the most perfect victim, but then I remember that Ashfur started to think more about hurting those she cares for. He helped trying to murder Firestar, her dad, and he attempted murder on both her and her *children*. Therefore I thought that he going for Whitewing, one of Squirrel's closest and longest-lasting friends, would hurt just as bad. 
Ahem, pushing all that aside. Thanks for liking the picture, and yes as always you are free to use my picture. :)
Bramblestar27 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014   Traditional Artist
Yeah, me either. Ashfur went completely nuts! Lol yeah, no one really takes the "forbidden" part of forbidden romance seriously anymore :XD: But you're right, Birchfall and Applefur were really close as kits, and I doubt they'd let their clans get in the way of their friendship/romance as they got older.
Lol actually in my story Hawkfrost and Whitewing are very much in love, and he often walks in her dreams after his death. Whitewing actually turns evil at the end of Dark Hearts, but she's very good at APPEARING innocent >:3 She gets it on with Hawkfrost one night in a dream thinking nothing's gonna happen, but then she wakes up and...BANG! Pregnant! So she needs someone to pretend to be the father of her kits so her clanmates don't suspect that she had a forbidden romance. Naturally, her best friend Birchfall is the one she goes to.
True, he seems to like hurting her indirectly. I never saw Whitewing and Squirrelflight as being particularly good friends (in Dark Hearts Whitewing hates Squirrelflight with a passion, but she keeps it hidden), but it would still upset Squirrelflight a lot if she knew Ashfur went after an innocent she-cat because of her. So it still works :3
Thanks, I will! :la:
AnnMY Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Extremely so. Whatever those maniac fangirls say, there's no excuse for Ashfur. None.
Derp, forbidden is a forgotten word to the clans these days. They're breeding across borders all the time xD But Birchfall and Applefur is a given, so I'll ignore the cliché and whatnot with it.
Damn, but that was a rather surprising turn of events. Whitewing as an evil character isn't something I've come across before I think. O.O Still, interesting in its own right, and of course nobody would think that a dream counts for what happens in real life. Such a shocker for her. 
Well the way I understood it the two are very close, all three maybe with Leafpool included, since they were children. Whitewing was a few months older than them, and the three must have been close to a certain degree, and I thought I picked up a bit about their friendship in the books, but stupid Erins never elaborated on it, so I decided it for myself. (Wow, what happened?) Ashfur as a cruel bastard works for me, although I do feel a bit guilty with Whitewing. ^^'
But yep, it still works. :D

Welcome. ;)
Bramblestar27 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014   Traditional Artist
There's really not. He's a total psychopath. And besides, he was WAY too old for Squirrelflight to begin with. Granted, Brambleclaw was a bit old for her too, but they'd been through a lot of shit together! Ashfur just sorta took a random and creepy interest in Squirrelflight, and I'm pretty sure he mainly wanted in her pants. Hey, if he REALLY loved her, he would've been happy for her that she was with Brambleclaw!
They don't really...and probably a good thing in the long run, since imbreeding would be REALLY bad if no one ever took a mate outside their clan.
Haha XD To be honest, I enjoy Evil!Whitewing far more than the actual Whitewing in the books...she comes across as just being the sweet shy girl without much personality, but she would make the PERFECT baby-faced psychopath. Besides, it would be nice to have an unexpected villain for once. Breezepelt was such a predictable villain that I wanted to cry D: But yep, she was pretty jolted when she found out she was preggers. Happy too, though, since she was going to have kits with the cat she'd always loved, which she pretty much presumed would be impossible after he died.
Eh, I just never saw much friendship between them in the books. Squirrelflight and Leafpool never paid much attention to Whitepaw or talked to her that much, and when they did it was mostly casual conversation that they could have with anyone. I guess I could see them being close when they were younger, and maybe Whitewing being kind of like an older sister to Squirrely and Leafy (it did say in the epilogue of Firestar's Quest that Whitekit was protective over them), but they probably grew apart as they got older. And Whitepaw/wing hates Squirrelflight in Dark Hearts because she's extremely jealous of her. Squirrelflight was viewed as this great hero after she got back from her quest with Brambleclaw and led the clans to their new home, and she got all of this attention while Whitepaw got next to none. She's pretty pissed about the fact that Squirrelflight got her warrior name waaaaaay before Whitepaw, even though she's a lot older! There's also the fact that Whitepaw/wing just really hates Squirrelflight's personality, since in TNP she was kind of bratty and stuck-up. Aaaaand of course Squirrelflight's mate Brambleclaw kills Hawkfrost, Whitepaw's lover, and then she gets to go live happily ever after with him and raise kits. It's kinda like Mapleshade and Sandstorm...Whitewing resents Squirrelflight for getting everything she always wanted to have, but couldn't have thanks to Squirrelflight's mate. So yeah...there are probably some other reasons I'm missing, but the Whitewing in Dark Hearts is pretty bitter and hateful, especially toward Squirrelflight :XD:
Yep, Ashfur is a bastard. Couldn't he at least have TRIED to move on?
AnnMY Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Age doesn't matter much in my head when it comes to cats, what I think makes us uneasy about it is the way Erins write the characters as if they're human. It makes us think of Squirrelflight as the young teen, automatically deducing that Brambleclaw and Ashfur, both almost adults when she's born, is too old.
Anyway, digressing here. Yes, Ashfur too psycho, and yes, she and Brambleclaw forged a bond while they travelled that really withstood a lot of tough times, so of course it's obvious who's the right choice for her. And that's what makes me wonder too, what was it that attracted Ashfur so bad he couldn't handle letting her go? He literally snapped when she rejected him. Besides, what little so-called care he had for her came out in the shape of overprotection and cuddling, and you don't cuddle a girl as feisty as her. Even if she had been interested in him (which I don't think she was, she was only looking for a good friend and he misunderstood her) his overbearing tendencies would have been too much for her. 
It bothers me so that Squirrelflight is kinda blamed for all the shit that happened. Fans hate her because Ashfur turned crazy, they hate her for lying about Leafpool's brats, they hate her for being Firestar's daughter, they even hate her guts. Exactly what is so bad about this girl? Isn't she awesome? She's outspoken and true to her words, even if in her childhood she tended to open her mouth first and think it through later. But that's just endearing...
Too true, which is why I can't understand that they haven't made an addition to the warrior code yet; "all females are free to jump whatever male they find suitable, especially to protect the clan from inbreeding." xD
I can almost understand it, for Whitewing really wasn't given much attention in the books, and whenever she did, it was all the goody-two-shoes act with her. Not that it's farfected, given her parentage, but she became kinda boring. And as for the baby-faced psycho... scary as shit, but a good twist of events. O.O Especially moreso than Breezepelt's butthurt hating, which everyone saw coming miles away. 
As for relationships, I can see what you mean. But again, I blame the Erins for never elaborating further on the clan character relationship further. It was as if Whitewing fell away after the second series, and the only cats then that she was seen as really friendly with, were Birchfall and Ashfur. It makes me annoyed, because there was really build-up in the former series for her, and it all fell to pieces, turning Whitewing into some sort of boring secondary character. Then once she has her daughters, she becomes this overprotective mother who spoils them to no end... sigh...
But hell's bells, your Whitewing is shit scary. And that she can still manage to hide behind a pretty face makes her a bigger menace than other evil cats ever managed. I see where her hatred for Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw come from, and the hatred also serves as a big explanation for the fact that there's got to be some twisted cruelty in her mind, bordering on a certain form of madness. Hawkfrost's death must have pushed her over the edge then.
So what is her goal? Murder? Making those she hates suffer? Or is she adjoined with the dark forest's wish to overtake and slaughter the clans?
Nah, Ashfur decided that being a butthurt bastard suited him much better, because then he could forever be a part of Squirrelflight's life, in a twisted, ugly way of being a black spot in her story that she'd be constantly reminded of. Even then, he knew exactly what he was doing, the ugly bastard. 
I can't for the life of me understand why the Erins decided to placate the Ashfur fans by letting him go to Starclan - we all know where he was best suited - but they reasoned that his only, I repeat ONLY crime, was "loving too much." Since when was that a good excuse for attempted murder of second degree?
Bramblestar27 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014   Traditional Artist
I think EH purposely wrote the warrior cats to be like humans (it IS for kids, after all, and they want to read about cats who act like them, not cats who have weird behavior that actual cats would), which is the main reason why age gaps bother me. But you're right, if these were real cats, they wouldn't care at all XD Then again, if they acted like actual cats, then we'd have parents mating with their kits, which would be pretty disturbing :/
Yeah, Ashfur and Squirrelflight DEFINITELY would not have been a good match. He was all protective and shit, even when she made it abundantly obvious that she didn't want that. Brambleclaw just kind of let her do her thing.
Ugh, it bothers me too. Squirrelflight and Leafpool got so much hate after the thing about the Three not being Squirrelflight's kits was revealed, but they were just doing what they thought was best. What were they supposed to do, have Leafpool become a queen and have Holly, Lion, and Jay get shunned for their entire childhood because they were halfclan? They were doing them a huge favor! And Squirrelflight wanted Brambleclaw to be happy as a father, which is why she didn't tell him. He shouldn't have been a hardass about it for so long
-____- Yes, they lied, but so what? It was better for everyone! I liked Squirrelflight when she got older and matured more, even though sometimes I wanted to slap her in her younger days :XD: And yes, let's add that to the warrior code!
Yep, exactly. She was portrayed as all goody-goody, and if she was a more major character she might have entered onto Mary-Sue territory. Her mom was pretty goody-goody, but her dad was sassy so I was hoping to at least see some of that in her. Oh Whitewing, fooling everyone with her cuteness and waiting for her chance to strike >:3 And maybe we could have a twist where Breezepelt realizes his evil ways and decides to be a good guy! Honestly I really liked the guy and was hoping he would be an unlikely hero in the end, but...nope :X
Lol yeah, Whitewing was pretty much portrayed as the perfect mom, which sort of irked me. It just added to how niceness had been all there ever was to her character, and her seemingly fluffily perfect relationship with Birchfall didn't help.
Yep, she's pretty dang frightening. Hence why I get so much enjoyment out of this little headcanon of mine :evillaugh: But her hatred does kinda drive her crazy, and she can't stop thinking about murdering Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight after Hawkfrost dies. As for her goal...all of the above? ^^; She's extremely vengeful, and she's bitter toward a lot of cats for various reasons but she especially has it out for Squirrelflight, Brambleclaw, and Firestar (Firestar because he refused to give her her warrior name and made her stay an apprentice for Birchpaw/fall's sake, and also made literally all of her denmates except Birchpaw warriors before her). She readily joins up with the Dark Forest with Hawkfrost as her mentor, and is one of the few trainees who knows about their true intentions and is completely okay with them.
The system about who gets into Starclan and who doesn't is just really jacked up. Thistleclaw went to the DF for being a little too ambitious for Starclan's standards but never actually killing anyone, but a guy who was eager to watch three innocent young cats BURN TO DEATH got in no problem. What the hell? And Antpelt went tot he DF because they were TRAINING him? For Starclan's sake, he was being brainwashed! He doesn't deserve to go to cat hell for that!
(God, these comments are more like essays XD)
AnnMY Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, but somehow I almost wish they'd have retained a little more of the cat tendencies, beyond the washing and the super-nose. It feels so... like a generic story without any defining qualities, and you could as well have taken the characters and put them in another story in human shape and we honestly wouldn't know the difference. 
Well, at least it is a proven fact that cats don't take as much damage from inbreeding as first thought. Over time sure, but once or twice doesn't hurt the genes actually. xP Not that I'm encouraging cats with humanoid personalities, because that would just be weird. =_=
Exactly what made her and Brambleclaw fit so damn well. He challenged her stubborness, instead of trying to smother it, which Ashfur couldn't manage to do. 
My sentiments exactly! Imagine how much sadness they protected the three from, and yet all they got in return was the clan giving them the cold shoulder for a whole year, and a year is a long time for a cat. Squirrelflight even spared her sister from losing her position early, raised the scraps (although sadly Starclan involved themselves a bit early and screwed them up anyway...) and god it makes me so annoyed that the fans just use her to blame everything else that happened. 
It would have been an awesome addition to the code, right? xD
That's what I was worried about too, that if Whitewing would be given a more prominent role then her light-version Mary-sue personality would come into light. It's okay to be a cutie, but we've enough of those bloody goody-goody's already, what with Leafpool, and that bitch Spottedleaf not being able to stay in the grave. Sure she could inherit it from Brightheart, but her da is an outspoken, sassy that's the word, guy who just saunters around in the clan being totally awesome, why couldn't she have gotten some of that too?
Yes, having Breezepelt turn around would have been a little nice. He's a sad guy, and to think that the Erins just leave him to his awful fate is a bit ugly, so letting him have a better future would have been nice. (although I still think he'd have to leave the clans and find his own place - I don't think he can find peace by the lake anymore, with his ass of a dad making such a mess of things.) 
Nay, that was my opinion too. She's the ultimate cuddling mom, and I thought it used to be in the clans that the mothers didn't get overly involved with their children after they came of age. You didn't see Sandstorm going out of her way to cuddle up Leafpool every time she tripped and fell as an adult, because Warriors isn't set in a soft world where you can afford to lean on others all the time. And it only served to make Whitewing all the more boring, and Dovewing even more of a wimp.... =_=
Oooh, but I actually like it when angry vengeful characters go all bonkers in their campaign, and with Whitewing as the main cast it is so out of character from her nice-nice-ness that it works. And I can imagine how this could be very amusing to write. xD
Ahaa, I see. It didn't make sense to have Whitewing wait for Birchfall either way - she was half a year old than Squirrelflight and Leafpool, so in all honesty she should have been finished with her training when the two began, and not be set to wait for a whole fricking year. But to have a purely evil character would be nice, considering that everyone else who trained in the dark forest turned out to be pussies who just ran away (except that Redwillow dude of Shadowclan.)
No, that was my opinion too. Okay, so maybe Thistleclaw ended up doing something awful (they say he died attacking a patrol from Riverclan, maybe he managed to kill one or two before they took him out - he was helluva strong) and frankly I never liked the dude so I was okay with that. But Antpelt, like you said, was brainwashed, and still he ended up in the forest. Mapleshade too, and we still don't know if she committed any crimes while alive. But Ashfur, nnooooo, he was innocently in love, he didn't do anything bad. There's a reason why the Starclan aspect of these stories REALLY rub me the wrong way! xC
(Believe me, this is commonplace for me. I've had three discussions of this length only in the last month. xD And I enjoy a good essay!)
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funnywolf2001 Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I find myself wanting to write FanFic on this... could I?
AnnMY Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Please, feel free. I'm just happy you like the idea. :D
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